Troll Tunnels

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Click here to buyTroll Tunnels is a solid collection of sword and sorcery tales by Michael K. Eidson, Christina Lea, Michael Lea, Tom K. Loney, James L. Shipman, and Ken St. Andre. Though conceived originally as a tribute to the game Tunnels and Trolls, the collection has evolved beyond its roots. These stories were not chosen because they came straight from the gaming table - most of them didn't - or because they are limited to some kind of strict format - none of them are. They were chosen because they embody nimble imagination and wonder-driven storytelling. 

In addition to its 166 pages of fantastic prose, Troll Tunnels also features a painted cover by Simon Lee Tranter and interior art by Régis Moulun, Mike Hartlieb, and Diego Gisbert Llorens. 

To quote Ken St. Andre, “If you're a member of Trollhalla, you should buy a copy to support your comrades in trollishness. If you're not a member of Trollhalla, you should buy a copy to find out what you're missing.”

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