New Khazan

pictureMore than elves and trolls in outer space, more than star warriors casting spells, New Khazan has its own unique flavor of space fantasy.

This supplement begins with the assumed  background of Monsters! Monsters!, then extends all those fantastic creatures and spells into a distant future where reptilian astro-gators guide ships through tunnelspace and police subdue criminals with Hold-That-Pose nets and TTYF guns powered by smaller versions of the same Kremm crystals that drive starfaring battleships.  

New Khazan gives you descriptions of the worlds, prominent kindreds, civilizations, technology,  and common character types of the fantastic future.

Requires the Monsters! Monsters! rules or a similar game for use.

When Good Games Go BadBaloonka: Rescue From the Fungus Planet: This is a Game Master (GM) module written by Roy Cram. The adventure begins in a seedy little bar in a seedy little spaceport on a seedy little planet in the galactic rim. The name of the planet is Seedy V. It is not a good planet to visit and a worse planet to live on…

Parts one and two of the Quest for Trollstar epic for New Khazan are now available in PDF format. Click below for more information.

Quest for Trollstar: CloudbustingCloudbusting (PDF) - $1.50 - A signal from the ancient homeworld of all the species of the 9,000 Worlds? It simply cannot be. But there, in front of your eyes, on the eye-corder is Kharrrghish script. Could this be the key to finding the mysterious and ancient Trollstar?

Quest for Trollstar: Glow WorldGlow World (PDF) - $3.50 - An ancient signal from a world devastated by loose magic and radiation! Could this be all that remains of the legendary Trollworld?

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Trollhalla Friendly

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