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Halloween 2021Elder Tunnels - Fall 2020

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This is the special Halloween issue of Elder Tunnels, featuring more spooky RPG goodness. We have space horror as well as a graveyard romp. And how can you say no to a Monsters! Monsters! scenario called "Castle Van Hexxen"?

Everything you need for your tabletop this Halloween and beyond. That is except your dice and imagination.

Halloween 2020Elder Tunnels - Fall 2020

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This is the special Halloween issue of Elder Tunnels, featuring spooky RPG goodness, including:
  • Introduction by C.L. Evans
  • Monsters! Monsters! GM Adventure: "Wolf Blood Death Moon," by Scott Malthouse
  • Stay Alive! Adventure: "The Bloody Inn" by Jerry Teleha

Halloween 2019Elder Tunnels - Fall 2019

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Welcome back to the tunnels! New cracks have spread from those old familiar Tunnels with Tr-- um, Monsters, in them, burrowing right through the Crawlspace if you can Stay Alive long enough. And QAGS.The Halloween issues have always been the best part of Elder Tunnels. Even the in-between issues have a little bit of pumpkin spice in them, but the Halloween ones are special. It even says so on the cover! Here's a few more dark tunnels from a variety of game systems for you and some friends to explore.
  • Introduction by Christina Lea
  • Crawlspace Adventure: The Clowns in the Woods by Tom K. Loney
  • QUAGS Adventure: Dead and Breakfast by Ian Engle
  • Stay Alive! Adventure: Voodoo Dusk by Jerry Teleha
  • Monsters! Monsters! GM Adventure: The Horror on Bleakmoor, by Scott Malthouse

Halloween 2012Elder Tunnels - Fall 2012

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This is the special Halloween issue of Elder Tunnels, featuring spooky goodness, including:
  • Introduction by Andre Kruppa
  • Creature Feature: The Woe Hound by Jerry Teleha
  • Creature Feature: The Bone Lord by Tom K. Loney
  • Junior's Return, a GM adventure by David Moskowitz
  • The Curse of the Three-Eyed Stone, a solo adventure by David R. Crowell

Spring 2012Elder Tunnels - Spring 2012

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This issue's theme is the world beyond Medieval Europe. We've got stuff from the Incan Empire, Arabian Nights, Japanese folklore, and all sorts of other exotic excellence. Like, for instance:

  • Going Swords & Sandals, an article by Tom K. Loney on making your swordsmen show their legs
  • Into the Wyrd, a Peakvale update for GM's, providing a ready excuse to send your players abroad,  by Scott Malthouse
  • Dangers of Bakemono Forest, an oriental-style solo by Brian Penn
  • The Story's the Thing, an op-ed article by Michael Eidson
  • The Inca Empire, an article by Trevor Hudgins
  • Days and Nights in Baru-Kesh, an Arabian Nights-inspired GM adventure by Jerry Teleha

Summer DelvingHalloween 2011

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This abominably capacious Halloween issue of Elder Tunnels is hideously bulging with unholy treasures, including more spooky art than you can shake a scythe at, and the following:

  • Bats in the Belfry, a solo adventure by David R. Crowell
  • Cabin in the Woods IV: The Stabbening, a GM adventure by Scott Malthouse
  • Wallas's Tree, flash fiction and a monster by Katje Romanov
  • The Persistent Drifter, a BEAN! solo by Jeff Freels
  • Dead on the Run, a GM adventure by Mike Larsen
  • The Wendigo, a monster by Tom K. Loney
  • Unhallowed Ground, a short story by Neil Riebe
  • Woodsman, Don't Spare that Tree, a GM adventure by Ken St. Andre

Summer DelvingSummer 2011

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So, here I am at the lake, enjoying idyllic mornings swimming, afternoons traipsing about the wilderness, evenings grilling up dinner for the family, and I'm thinking, wow, that's pretty much what's happening in this issue of Elder Tunnels.

Y'know, all you'd need to do is put a few giant otters and tentacle-headed aquatic humanoids in the water, animate those burgers, scatter a handful of sentient reptiles and crazed human-sacrificing ancestor worshippers in the woods, and it would be exactly the same. Exactly! Really, I don't know why we bothered with this issue. Just go on vacation.

This larger-than-ever issue of Elder Tunnels contains two GM adventures and one solo.

Winter-Spring 2011

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On the bridge, the ship’s crew gets ready to use the teleport gate. The mage is chant­ing on the navigation platform, casting a spell as the ship approaches the gate. The ship begins to drift through as the mage finishes the spell. Poof! The crew find themselves in another solar system. And out the window they see a dragon flying toward them...

This special issue of Elder Tunnels contains two GM adventures, one solo, and one, uh, booty table, designed to give readers the opportunity to explore the science fantasy genre. From gene harvesting to time travel, from invoked AIs to sorcerous inventions, this issue of Elder Tunnels brings to you a rollicking good mix of tech and Troll.

By the way, if you came here looking for porn, click here.

Halloween 2010

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Within these pages lurk horrifying adventures by a group of ghoulish writers.

The Ephemera Furnace’ by the sinister Christina Lea will chill you with a tale of mysterious bargains, disembodied limbs and groaning abominations. 

The murderous Mike Larsen will thrust you through hellish portals into the horrifying abyss of his dark mind in ‘Resurrection Missions.’ 

The Farmer’s Daughter,’ a solo adventure by the twisted David Crowell will give you nightmares of scarecrows, cattle mutilations, and things that go bump in the night. 

Finally, in ‘Trouble among the Tumbled Stones,’ the foul Tom K. Loney will take you on a terrible journey to a place where travellers have been vanishing mysteriously. Could this be the work of bandits, or is something more disturbing afoot on the road to Grimehaven?

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This illustrated collection features two full-length GM adventures by Stephen Butka and Tom K. Loney, along with an introduction by Ken St. Andre.

  • The Sorcerer's Chimney: a satirical romp through realms that may be uncomfortably familiar.
  • The Wuthering Depths: Monsters, dark elves, deep caves, and just a touch of gothic romance. Who could ask for more?

For more Monsters! Monsters! adventures, check out New Khazan, Peakvale, Buzzard's Gulch, and TROTT!
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