Tom's Really Outstanding Table-Topping
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Print - $19.99 (Includes Red Bat rules)
Wobble is the game which should not exist, but does. Come travel space and sometimes time and explore the multiverse! Cyborg apes, space Nazis, saints of the Early Church, godlike beings called the Oracles, and the Easter Bunny. This RPG doesn't have it all, but it has all-but everything.

SPACERS Core Rules
Spacers mixes the old trappings of space opera and a bit more recent knowledge. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the solar system and beyond, fight creepy aliens with ray guns, or command a space-ship speeding through the great unknown, this game is for you.  Click here to blast off!

Gangstas & Goblins
PDF - $1.50
The Bumpies hate the Natives, while the golden elves laugh at everybody because humans are too dumb to figure out where their gold comes from. That gold comes from the Dwarf! Dwarves that control the media and killed Pope Stephan. Mostly human cops are out there trying keep order in a world at war with itself-- If a few hobgoblins have to die, perhaps their Never-Never cousins can stop mugging everyone else for their pot of gold and get off of welfare already.

Now while none of the above should actually be taken seriously by anyone trying to navigate life and deal with an ever-changing and unavoidably diverse world, these sort of statements are all over the media every hour of every day. This is the unwholesome miasma that permeates the culture of the ethnics that are forced to come together while struggling to make to a living in the uncertain economic climate of our times. It’s no wonder the streets of this Street-Level setting can be so mean.

As a person that lives in a rust-belt city in a part of town where we mix things up every day at every bus stop, I’d like the readers to picture the goblins as green-skinned, the hobgoblins mostly covered in fine brown-spotted, golden-orange fur, and the human-like elf (including dwarves and all the others) as being played by actors of all sorts of real world ethnics. I will admit that I have hard time letting go of having elf leprechauns with red-hair. My bias against soulless gingers aside though, I hope that fantasists reading this takes the work as a mind walk towards fixing problems not making more of them.

Egg City Egg City
PDF - $2.25

Assassins, pimps, pushers, and vampires making the world real. Role-play on the hard streets of Egg City. And remember the Easter Bunny hates you!

The Santa Lands The Santa Lands
PDF - $1.50

At one time this magical place was permanently attached to where the Earth's North Pole was astronomically. Because of recent climatic trends, it generally stays near the North Pole but not necessarily as often as it used to. The area has since broken free and will magically move to where ever the temperature is below freezing.

Red Bat Generic Red Bat Generic System
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Print - $10.00

Not just for playtesting anymore! One of the luxuries we have in role-playing is the ability to step into a role that we do not normally assume any other day. Whether we're glamorous and dashing or staid and unassuming, in the world of Adventure Gaming everyone at the table is a raging, ham-handed, barechested, and knuckle-brawling egoist, hell-bent and hellbound to live out, vicariously, a heroic tale that is epic in its proportions.

Glow: Post-Apocalyptic Role-Playing
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Print - $9.99 (Includes Red Bat Rules)

It wasn't one thing. No one can sit back and point to the end of the world. There was no comet in the sky, no clarion bellowing from heaven above, nor even the once expected waves of nuclear explosions all over the globe. Everyone was actually ready for something like that. Well, at least there were enough movies about the event that could be collectively called "The End."

Glow is a role-playing setting for the Red Bat RPG where players get to play mutated humans, intelligent animals, self-aware machines, or even a projection of themselves in a world that has gone totally mad. Characters can be archetypical adventurers in a setting of new and strange creatures. They bear witness to technologies gone wrong and multitudes of dystopian societies that are their result.

Red Bat Cthulhu

Imagine that it's all real. Imagine that all the hocus pocus, new-age, psychic-phenomena stuff was for real. By delving deeper into the fabric of the universe, folks could discover the unseen world of the esoteric and phantasmagorical findings. These mysteries, once unraveled, can help the seeker discover power barely imaginable to the normal person or casual dabbler. All of these things are true, but they aren't tokenbought prizes at a carnival. The secrets are true and they come at a cost.

Monk-Punk: Isle of the Five-Leaf Clover
PDF - $1.00

This one-of-a-kind pulp/steampunk adventure is another in the continuing saga of Monk-Punk (Michael Larsen). Come join the Society for Extra-Weird Affairs and travel the globe for adventure, fun, and weirdness.

Works with the Red Bat system.

Coming Soon: Glow, Spacers, Spaghetti, and more!
For years there was Tom's Adventure Gaming (TAG), and it was good. Some would even say that it was awesome. TAG has served its purpose, as did TROTT. Now it's time for a new logo. Check out Red Bat games and be blown away.

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