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TOG Core Rules
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So, you might've noticed a new logo on the SantaCrawl release a couple of weeks ago. It looked something like the banner on this cover. I was really starting to look forward to making scenarios with a brand attached and really sweat as to whom I attributed as the system and where exactly it should be used. Some things changed after that, and now the whole thing is a bit murkier.

All I can say is that these rules will be familiar to fans of the Designer Formerly Known as Gygax. With totally unconventional terms like Charisma, Intelligence, and Hits Points, the player can roleplay if they, and the GM ,want to, without owing anybody any money. Warm up your 30-sided die because when I say polyhedral, I mean it.

The Green Ices of Cha'alt
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All of the beings living in the southern realms will have seen at least part of the fight across the region in the pink-colored skies of Cha’alt. Three indigo dragons attacking a fly dragon. The fly dragon: a creature resembling a three football field-long dragonfly. While the indigos relied on maneuvering as wolves would in a pack, the insect-looking dragon relied on its toughness and sheer brute power to lure the pursuers close enough to snatch them up in its bristled appendages, or into its manacled mouth for a bite, until the entrapped can break free worse for the wear after the encounter.

Over the course of hours, the combat in the sky was visible. The fly dragon was able to kill the three indigo dragons. The last one tried to get away, but its one-time prey was having none of that by then. Still the creature was mortally injured. It would be seen crashing into the snow-capped peaks of the long dormant volcano on a plateau known as Kold Kra’atur.

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