Spacers mixes the old trappings of space opera and a bit more recent knowledge. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the solar system and beyond, fight creepy aliens with ray guns, or command a space-ship speeding through the great unknown, this game is for you.

SPACERS Core Rules
PDF - $1.50
Print - $5.99 

SPACERS: It is the hip nickname for those that travel in space. Whether they're pilots, engineers, specialists, or even very non-specializing hangabouts, these individuals would rather be in space most of the time. The reasons to be in space and the benefits for being there can be worked out later. Explorers, adventurers, and thrill-junkies all, the next new thing calls to these sorts. The universe around them may use labels like "appleseeds", "fly-bys", and "crashlanders" but everyone knows that one has to add the words “in space” to every sentence of their biographies, making them that much more awesome.

SPACERS: Near Space
PDF - $1.00
Print - $15.00

While the world circa 350 years from now seems Utopian, that actually is not the case. People are still self-serving and often work against one another. Privilege and opportunity are meted out by location and family more often than by need or merit. Incorporated interests still strive to exploit the resources available to them and then deprive those not part of their franchise. But things are still a whole lot better for all the human population than ever before. Speaking of population, that population is bigger than ever and only getting bigger. This could explain why space exploration and colonization is bigger than military arms – overcrowding without starvation just gets people adventurous.

Space is the place.

Requires the SPACERS Core Rules (above) for use.


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