carvingWhen they found the ruined husks of cities orbiting the hole in time where Mandala should have been, they invented many names for them. Eventually, though, the name Qalidar settled out of nowhere over the entire conglomeration.    
There was something to this appellation, but to stand on a piece of ground and say "this is Qalidar" was never more than an evanescent wisp of the larger truth.   
The exploration logs of the shard sages, the veiled warnings of the Indrids, and even the overheard rasps of the lethally impassive dobbers began to suggest that Qalidar was more than a ravaged cityscape. Further references from the grimoires of the peryton archons concerning "Qalidar seeping into the world," suggested another answer.
Whether the place in question was the spiraling corridors of the Storm Port, the seared plains of the Outside, or the depths of a Zodiac Pit, the location - both origin and destination - was always Qalidar. More than that, the worlds touched by these liminal zones were also Qalidar. 
The truth is that Qalidar is not the damaged places; Qalidar is the damage. Qalidar is the echo of cataclysm, the  web of cracks that forms where a hole is punched in time.

The coiled secrets of the true Qalidar will be unraveled and explored soon enough. For now, the shattered city still sleeps below.

Walk the Spiral

Echo of Mandala (for Peryton RPG)

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This is a supplement for Peryton Fantasy RPG. If you're looking for the Qalidar RPG, go to a different page.

The inhabitants of the lost land never called it Mandala. The Shard Sages came up with that, peering into the past and finding a strange void where something wonderful should have been. Nor are the ruins at Qalidar the ruins of Mandala. They're shadows, shadows cast by light drawn inward, swirling in the Storm, raging around drifting islands of crumbling matter before plunging into the hole in space and time left by the great land that never was.

Qalidar is a dark city where shadows fall from across time and space. It is as close to a home as anyone has ever found for the perytons, and its paths through the Storm connect worlds that were never meant to meet.

Echo of Mandala was designed specifically for the Peryton Fantasy RPG system and, in addition to the setting, includes new creatures, new treasures, rules for traversing the Storm, and a sample adventure to get you started.

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