Peryton Fantasy RolePlaying Game Open Gaming Compatible
PYN0906 - $19.99

With the Peryton Fantasy Role-Playing Game, you can have the quick play and nostalgic familiarity of a retro game without the unwieldy inconsistencies of earlier systems. Alongside the best features of the original fantasy role-playing game, the Peryton RPG offers many innovations of its own, including an easy, intuitive experience system that encourages good role-playing and makes in-game events uniquely relevant to character development.

The Peryton RolePlaying game is built from Open Gaming mechanics and will be immediately familiar to experienced gamers. And thanks to its streamlined design, players new to role-playing will have no trouble jumping in and getting started quickly. No matter what your background, the intuitive and interactive design will seamlessly immerse you in the game. 

This revised edition of the Peryton Fantasy Roleplaying Game is a complete system with a full selection of classes, monsters, spells, and treasures, featuring both old favorites and new creations. It also includes an improvisation guide with all the material you need for several instant adventures. Add pencils, paper, dice, and a few friends and you’re ready to go!

More good reasons to buy this game:

  • Knacks and ability checks let you get started quickly and still evolve your character concept as you go.
  • An advancement system that makes sense.
  • The whole game comes in one book for $19.99.
  • Easy to adapt to d20 supplements.
  • An updated and expanded alchemy system that captures the flavor of the real thing without slowing down your game.
  • Making magic items is an adventure in itself.

This revised edtion is fully compatible with the original, but features new art, layout improvements, a lot of streamlining, and new material.

How to Buy Pertyon RPG:

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