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and the Graptak Expanse

Traders from the Thunn Sea to the north, the Akogi Gulf to the south, and all great lands to the east, must pass through Isun to reach the ports of Pholus, gateway to the Far West. Gazing across the vast lowlands from the city of Estvol, the traveler's greatest worry is not the unstable political situation between the crusading monotheistic Yeshans and the equally zealous Salima warriors.  Nor is it the lawless robber barons who lord over forgotten domains among the ruins of fallen Thunn.  It is something else, something buried in the exotic salts of the Graptak Expanse, hidden behind binding runes in the crumbling ziggurats, and skulking through the crevices of Typhon's Den.  

Discover the stalkers and the shelters of Isun in our next guidebook to the World of Elder, compatible with both the TAG and Peryton RPG systems. Due for release someday.

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