Crawlspace 13Crawlspace Deluxe Rule Book
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This is the complete Crawlspace game. This edition includes several rules updates and a whole new scenario. Bridging the gap between the basement and the main floor, the crawlspace is the space where light never intrudes and where lost things like to remain hidden. And now you can play a starling or starlet, trapped in that realm between the self-aware audience and the cast on the silver screen. You are in The Crawlspace. Will you ever see "everyday" ever again?

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Crawlspace Gothic
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Horror films are a very broad canvas which writers, actors, and directors can work in. There is one special sort of flick that reoccurs despite the more transitory tastes of this or that fad, the Gothic sub-genre. These period pieces mix in elements of romance and the fantastical to provide the horrific, a bit of gore, and a lot of eye candy. Pitchfork Pictures is the place to stop for Gothic horror in Crawlspace.

In this book is the fictitious nation of Blegovia, a realm of the Austro-Hungarian Empire circa 1820-1910, the perfect place for horror before electric lighting.

This scenario requires the Crawlspace (TACK) rules, above.

Gimme Shelter
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There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. No one believes you, they say you are mad. But you know things, things that would drive a weaker mind mad. But knowledge doesn't put a roof over your head, so you've sobered up and are heading to the Mission for the night. If you don't get to the homeless shelter, you might fade away, or worse! Keep your electric eyes away from me!

Think of this Crawlspace as the foreign horror comedy that someone recorded off of cable at 3:00 a.m., the oddball VHS from the public library from back when only the video store had the “good stuff,” that movie you had to watch in a literature class, the YouTube video that was in the suggestions tab, but you don’t know why.
This scenario requires the Crawlspace (TACK) rules, above.

Turkey Day
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The real child of a couple that were highly successful foster parents comes home for Thanksgiving. Of course the fact that he is coming home from Hell doesn't bode well for everyone else attending the festivities. But is he any more messed up than the group that he is descending upon?

This scenario is really violent and probably not a good idea for anyone under the age of 17.

This scenario requires the Crawlspace (TACK) rules, above.

Party Nights
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The scientists at the Steinhold-Brensji Radio and Atmospheric Laboratories have stumbled across an anomaly in the night sky. At certain times, an asteroid the size of New Jersey is in orbit between the Earth and the moon.

One can say that the celestial body, called "the Blind Spot," only appears when the stars are right. But when it is there, what we'd call paranormal occurrences occur, and supernatural entities can take a hold of our world.

For some this is a blessing. But for the rest of the world, it usually involves bloodshed and death.

This scenario requires the Crawlspace (TACK) rules, above.

TAG Crawlspace

Crawlspace Horror Role-Playing Rules - PYN1004
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(Note: this is the old system. For the current one, scroll to the top.)
Crawlspace, the horror rule set for TAG, features:
  • The quick, flexible TAG rules you’re already familiar with from products like WHAP, Spacers, and RuinCrawl
  • Two-fisted Scrappers, clever Watchers, cowardly Hedonists, super-sensitive Psychics, and twitchy Whackos
  • Special additions detailing the use of spooky magic
  • New rules to give horrific accents to otherwise familiar activities

Click Here to DownloadZombie Zigzag - PYN1005
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This king-sized supplement for TAG’s Crawlspace rules includes:

  • Special “Creature Feature” zombie rules taking into account the wide spectrum of folkloric, pseudo-scientific, and psychological aspects associated with the walking dead
  • The Moss Men of Tippecanoe County,” an original short story by John D. Kennedy
  • Camp WTF,” a Crawlspace adventure in classic zombie-thriller style by Darryl Nichols
  • 6 Degrees of Zombi Annihilation,” another zombie apocalypse Crawlspace adventure designed by Michael Larsen to highlight the new features of this supplement

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