Contact Information

The easiest way to reach us is through the forum. We get email notifications of anything that happens there, so you won't be ignored. One of these days we should set up some kind of web form, but today is not that day. Feel free to contact us with ideas, proposals, or anything else that sounds cool.


If you'd like to stock our products in your store, they can be found with the PYN identifier in game and hobby trade catalogs worldwide. If you can't get them through your regular distributor, please contact Studio 2 Publishing to purchase them directly.

Submission Guidelines

Fiction/RPG Scenarios

We're occasionally looking for weird fiction from the future to the ancient past, as well as any dreamings in between. Short stories to novellas enjoyed. See this page to find out more about what we're looking for. Submission samples should be attached as RTF files. Use blank lines to separate paragraphs, and don't use tabs at all. Don't double-space. Exact rates depend on the project, but usually we pay 1/4 cent per word for 1 year exclusive print and electronic rights; after that, all rights revert to author, but we retain a nonexclusive license to continue to print/reprint the story in future editions (as our books are POD) or in electronic format. 

Visual Art

We are primarily interested in buying full rights to original artwork. Prices are negotiable; query first. Don't send us images via email without prior approval. While we do insist on full ownership of commissioned art, we're willing to give you an unlimited license to do as you will with your pictures. This license begins as soon as the work for which we commissioned the art has been published, and it means you can still put your pictures on prints, t-shirts, your web page, or whatever, as long as it's clear that Peryton Publishing remains the official copyright holder. 


If you don't accept Amazon Payments or PayPal, we don't pay you.

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