Peryton Gamers

Event Listing
Find a list of games we're running at conventions here. We also do a lot of gaming at Weird Realms in Cleveland.

Peryton Publishing on Facebook
Come over and like us and "engage" and all that good stuff.

Peryton Publishing on Google+
We're even on this here newfangled Googly thing.

The Forum
This is our plotting and planning forum. It's on Delphi, unlike our old one, which was all smashed up by PHP "upgrades" beyond our abiltiy to fix. If you want to take a look at the old one, it's still there... sort of. Posting doesn't work, but sometimes you can still read. But like I said, the new one works fine, and should continue to do so, since all that code stuff is now someone else's problem.

Google+ Peryton Gamers Page
Seriously, G+ isn't a ghost town, but this last page kind of is. Still, you might want to follow it, just in case.

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