Buzzard's Gulch Monster Rez

Uprising at Buzzard's GulchUprising at Buzzard's Gulch

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Welcome to the Rez. Uprising at the Buzzard's Gulch Monster Rez is not a GM adventure. It is an entire sandbox campaign setting. While written with the Monsters!, Monsters! game and rules in mind, it is very easily converted to a monster campaign for Tunnels and Trolls, as both rule books use the same mechanics. You play the wild monster, seeking the freedom you have lost; you play the perfect beast, who wants to watch the world burn; you play the tiny monster looking to prove himself in a society where the strongest rules. Most of all you play a monster seeking revenge for the wrongs of a society that seeks to destroy you! Unleash the beast within! You haven't GMed until you have seen monster parties with very different character motivations create some of the best in-game moments at the table because, in the end, we’re all human. For use with Tunnels & Trolls (including Deluxe), Monsters! Monsters! and similar works.

Beatdown at Big Battle RidgeBeatdown at Big Battle Ridge

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This scenario is set in the lands of Hylax the campaign created by the author for her T&T/M!M! players over the past few years. More specifically, it is in the border between the Reservation where the nations of monsters, ill-kin in her dialect, and the dwarven monument Mount Krushmore looming over them. The monument commemorates the final routing of ill-kin opposition to Good Peoples’ expansion over the island at the Big Battle in the mountains, now called Big Battle Ridge, where the work was established. Images of the dwarven generals that defeated the somewhat united monsters was constructed in the mountainous ridge line that stretches along the eastern border of the Rez, as it is colloquially known, and is still being worked on at when the Player-Characters start the role-playing sessions contained in this work.

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