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The Primal Land

Front CoverFrom the southern shores of the continent to the Far Mountains, the land of Athebes is an ancient land only recently settled by the peoples of Elder. Its jungles of Djung hold secrets that even the native ape sages of the city of Appo do not know. The elves that roam the grasslands and savannas of Torridia and Fellah compete with the Jakals, jackal-headed humanoids, for game and for the water holes of this torrid zone. Fel Sharas, the newest city-state of the region, founded by the dwarves of the Khemet nation and the more urbane of the elves, brings in trade, not only from the older civilizations of the east, but from strange and alien sea-dwelling cultures. In the Far Mountains, the dwarves strive against the forces of chaos and the primal fierce ogres. Athebes is a land of great mystery and harsh environments, but it is a land of great reward and knowledge for those brave enough to face its challenges.

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More on Athebes - Visit the forum to follow developements in the project as it evolves.

And here's an old mock-up with some of the art:

the first page
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